Digital Residents and Visitors.

Individuals have access to internet from all over the world. Some frequent the internet more than other. Everyone may have varied reasons for being on the web, from Social-networking, business, and or even leisure purposes. It is common for people to perceive that a user’s engagement to the digital world is based on generation gap and technological intellect.

However, it may not be the case. It has been argued how the users of internet be reassessed. With the use of Digital ‘Residents’ and ‘Visitors’ model to better understand individual experiences with virtual engagement.

The concept of these two terms are best described as a continuum rather than a conflicting pair.

Residents and Visitors:

‘Do I express my opinion over the internet on a social media platform?’, ‘How much do I interact over the internet?’, ‘Is part of my life shared on the internet?’, and ‘What is my presence on the web?’, this are questions that help and individual understand their engagement with digital technology.

Residents are essentially those that build persona On-line. Having to develop a virtual identity, living a portion of their lives digitally and engaging in content generating of information about personal life, work and even politics or other information they find the need to share.

Whereas, Visitors are the individuals that surf the web solely to accomplish a purpose of using it, eg. Banking, Purchase and Applications. However, these individuals may also have a strong presence in a digital community but generally do not spend their lives upbringing thier persona.

Personally, having used the web for over 10 years, there was a period I found myself immersed in digital networking having the need to constantly be present on social media platforms as a means of socialising and gaining information. Over time, the appetite to have a digital presence shrunk driving me to be more of a digital visitor.

Although being virtually active – through On-line games, leisure applications eg. ‘9gag’, as well as other social media platforms like ‘Facebook’, ‘Reddit’ and ‘Instagram’ – gives me the opportunity to still be connected digitally and voice my opinions, I do not spend too much time dwelling on digital networking as I did previously.

I believe it is necessary to be digitally literate in this day and age, as it is equally important to balance our life on this continuum.


5 thoughts on “Digital Residents and Visitors.

  1. Hi Mogan! It was nice reading your post and seeing how you interpreted the framework. I do agree with you that digital literacy brings forth advantages in various aspects of life. From doing academic research to social engagement with the internet as a medium, is nothing but convenient. Finding the right balance is also important, with the society’s obsession over social media. With you being a former active “Digital Resident”, do you find yourself digitally proficient? As literacy does not equate to proficiency, will your outlook on the framework change in accordance to your proficiency level?

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  2. Yo Mogan,

    Your take on this concept is slightly more interesting by distinguishing yourself as a digital visitor now. But I agree that this can happen to any individual. These days people are just too caught up and involved with online activities that it may be difficult to separate the virtual and the reality. The generation gap and technological intellect is evidently not the determinant to class these folks but rather, the concept of identifying the experience through online engagement. And indeed, it is very important with regards to being digitally literate and balancing your life. A great post by you!


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