Reflection: Digital Residents and Visitors.

Overview of Topic 1:
Social media revolves around the people of this generation and those to come. It is difficult to find someone who is not using a digital platform to gain information as well as spread information. To further reiterate this point, the importance of digital literacy in this generations is highly emphasised. It has become a necessary skill set that is applied at our work place, home or even leisurely. This drives individuals to be technologically adept by spending time predominantly on digital platforms. But proficiency does not define the type of user you are, that is why, it is vital to understand the user’s engagement with the virtual world.

Reading blog posted written by fellow students from University of Southampton (SIM), shows that the concept and identifying if one is a ‘Resident’ or ‘Visitor’ is not a big feat. Many have classified themselves either as one or the other appertaining to the contributing factors such as the relative time spent online, the frequent need to maintain a persona and even the apps or tools used by the users to share and receive information.

Although it is not thoroughly studied, it would be an interesting discussion to hear the individual stand point of how applying the knowledge on this study can benefit marketers as well as the users.

In summary, topic 1 session is a good introduction to the world on the web, opening our eyes to the characteristic of online users which we can clearly associate ourselves with. It has shone light on the path that leads to ‘living and working on the web’.

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