Reflection: How genuine are you online?

The definition of authenticity is to be genuine; not a copy and of undisputed origin (Source: This means how authenticity is to be perceived can be arguable. Some may feel that being authentic is to set a unique selling point; while others argue that the profile should share your personality.

As Kaye and Norman have provided in their post, excellent tips and steps on how to produce a well-protected professional profile. I question myself, is that all there is to it? The over simplified and ideal approach to “saving my butt” which sugar-coats my achievements and unique features to sell myself. Is this all just a gimmick just to land me in the chair of that office I’ve been dreaming about?

What I’ve learnt is that anyone can start an authentic professional profile, Valerie mentioned the importance of branding your identity. Branding is more then what your future employers wish to see about you. It is a slow and cumulative process that requires constant effort and dedication overtime and is not just taken out and revamped when looking for a new job. Cultivating healthy habits online makes it easier to understand how the digital community works and the ways you can contribute to it. Doing so helps you share greater insights on topics of your interest with the relevant audience.

To sum up what we’ve discussed on the topic of developing an authentic digital professional profile, let’s look at this scenario. Picture yourself out on a casual function with your boss, are you going to be uptight and afraid of being judged? Do you behave as you normally are? Or do you express your personality in a controlled manner without losing focus on being professional? The behaviour that you might adopt in this situation may be seemingly obvious and like this scenario, how we observe and control actions to avoid negative attention is similar to how we should conduct ourselves online.


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