Reflection: Deception

Privacy and security infringement to cynical misconduct in marketing are the common unethical behaviours that exist today due to profits and power to gain from selfish actions.

Countries which are economically stable, can afford to invest more in technological development. This allows Internet to have a greater impact on life today, thus revolutionising how we educate and work. As Isaac and Renee argued how it is morally right to equip the less fortunate with what was called a luxury in the past but now considered a commodity to better the world. Which can also be used for the wrong reasons.

With the world integrating digitally, what used to be kept in banks, personal safes or even the secrets you keep in your diary are now enclosed in a data file. Reiterating what Valerie shared, these data that are recorded are sold to marketing firms with the intention to enhance our online experience, yet is it still very possible and scary to realise how this information can be used by the government or even an individual to control and influence us. Do you feel safe entrusting your information in the hands of those whom we can only hope to behave ethically?

Laws and policies are kept in place to prevent data from being used to subjugate or blackmail while ensuring the users are not abused. However, Teresa explained the term ‘Astroturfing’ where internet is not only used to collect information but used to disseminate false information harming one’s reputation. This is possible due to the discrepancies in the system.

Ethics are just teachings that vary from one culture and country to another. With the world connected and depended on the web, the concern of ethics on social media has evolved and the implications are alarming. As what may be considered ethical here may not be accepted in another part of the world, we should be wary of what we upload and not be naïve towards the information we receive.

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