Just the beginning

woman-hand-smartphone-desk(Credits: Pexels)

Living on the web opened my eyes to what the internet really had to offer. It wouldn’t have crossed my mind to leverage the use of internet to promote myself, yet I felt ashamed that I have been using Internet merely for entertainment and personal engagement on social media.

Although it is self-evident how much of the internet could be manipulated. It is well hidden in plain sight and if not for the thought provoking questions of this module, I would have continued living on the web ignorantly.


In the weeks spent on researching articles and arguments on the given topics, my understanding of how things are done versus how things should be approached online became clearer. One by Lisa Eadicco made me realise the potential internet has and how it can be used to attain ones’ success.


After understanding the importance of tidying up information about myself and creating a habitual practice of constantly questioning my privacy. I have decided to take certain steps to revamp my profile, which I am now confident to share without having the fear that there might be something inappropriate.

(Created by Mogan)

photo-album(Screen grab of my Facebook albums page edited)

comp-1-0-00-00-00(Created by Mogan)

Learning how people online are becoming intrusive of other people’s personal life, I agree that limiting what content is displayed is key in positioning your identity. The animated clip and picture provided above are some of the ways I protect myself with regards to what people can see on my Facebook profile.


As the saying goes “News travels fast”, I believe it is even faster on social media especially bad ones.

twitter-new (Current twitter account used for School Module)

However, after reading articles that share insights on the proper use of twitter, I may give 2nd thoughts about creating one that catered to converse about relevant subject matter revolving my industry.



I had a LinkedIn account which I’ve left unattended for about 3 years. I felt I could express the same information and interest directly on Facebook. But as soon as I dwell into topic 3 of this module, I realised LinkedIn was more appropriate site to disclose and gain information from relevant professional people, especially when seeking for jobs. With the site built to remain strictly professional. I see myself using this in the future to widen my networks and at the same time to highlight my newly skill sets and milestones achieved to interested parties.

This module served as a great awareness which stressed not only on the effectiveness, but also the significance of networking and content creation. More so, reflecting on the discussion of the five topics, I’ve gained skills that add to my arsenal which would help me in my journey to be a creative professional in marketing and advertising. Apart from that, what I find intriguing was that there is no one right way to live on the web. Thus, I find the take away value of this module are the questions that we should continuously ask ourselves to guide the moves we make in the digital world.

You may click on the following icons to be redirected to my respective profiles.



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