Reflecting on the topic of digital identity in relation to the trails that it leaves behind, it is understandable why many may prefer the option of managing multiple personas just to remain anonymous online.

However, I’ve noticed that many who felt the need to express themselves on different accounts are those who just afraid of revealing too much information on one account. At times, information that are tracked are not necessarily disclosed by the users. These data known as cookies, are a form of ‘footprints’ left behind which holds information of your interaction on the internet available to 3rd party data firms. Legitimate sites encrypt cookies that prevent unauthorised usage while obviously non-legitimate sites tend to serve malicious cookies.

Vivian Tan shared how online identity defines you as a user and how an individual’s behaviour and personality can alter over time impacting ones’ identity online. Due to this, many users prefer to create different accounts for different needs. Renee’s and Angeline’s posts talk about just that.

But the matter of having multiple or just one identity may not be something to fret about. You can have multiple accounts if you see the need to segregate your information shared, or just a single account if you are not the type that would divulge personal information in the first place. Ultimately, it is the upkeep and how one would manage the digital footprint is of utmost importance.

Irregardless of the profile or persona you are using, if the information available on it is sensitive it can be used to work against you. Therefore, it should always be our utmost responsibility to protect ourselves online by taking the necessary steps to remain anonymous.
Links to learn more about protecting your digital footprints:
Your Digital Footprint Matters.
11 Tips for Students To Manage Their Digital Footprint.

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Renee Yong.
Tan Wan Sia.


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